What does it mean to hike like a girl?

We pick up after ourselves and we pick up after other people.

We ask for directions.

We may choose to be competitive (some of the most macho people I know are female) but it is not our raison d'etre.

One thing that burns my butt (yes, there is more than one) is when people, women or otherwise, tell me "Oh, there's no way I could hike [fill in the blank]". Or when outfitters, such as air tours, mule and horse packers, ATV tours, and 4X4 tours, tell their clients, "This is the only way you will be able to see [fill in the blank]".

With an attitude like that, I am sure they are correct.

Backpackers get filthy, scared, tired, lost, bored, hot, cold, wet, bug-bit, exasperated, disgusted, and overwhelmed. They also find solitude, challenge, fitness, self-reliance, and bragging rights. "Yep, I did that."

Disclaimer: I am a 60+ female who has been backpacking for 45 years. I have worked as a professional hiker/backpacker on and off for over 40 years. A sizable percentage of the people I take into the backcountry (and yes, bring back) have declared their trip a life-changing experience.

"Slim" Woodruff has over 40 years experience hiking like a girl.